7 tips to lead Introverts and Extroverts

We will all work with all types of people in our careers, and Change Leaders are no different. However, Change Leaders need to know how to engage everyone to bring them on the change journey and to do this it is very important to have some tips and approaches in our toolkit to do this. This simple infographic is useful as a quick reference for dealing with both Introverts & Extroverts.

As you no doubt know, Extroversion to Introversion is a scale not a binary decision. So there are people on the extremes of both Extroversion and Introversion and there are those who are not as extreme but clearly sit in either zone. Additionally, there are of course people who are comfortable in the middle – neither overly introverted or extroverted – and they can change from situation to situation or in different contexts and they are known as Ambiverts. The tips above apply to them also, but obviously may need to be nuanced in your delivery.

Graphic source: insights.com

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