The Kurt Lewin Change Management Model

The 3 step process can be easily remembered as the image of a frozen cube of ice, thawing it and refreezing it as a different shape. The image below summarises each stage on one downloadable image for your ease.

What Lewin’s model is GOOD at

Lewin’s change management model is excellent when your organisation needs to dramatically change in order to sustain, succeed, exceed or simply continue to exist in the face of adversity. It is pretty good at uncovering those things that have been taken for granted, as you have to need to deeply analyse the details of the area, process, function or organisation that you’re going to be changing. It is good for big change and for those changes that involve significant Business Process Re-engineering!

What it is not so good at

If your change is small, then the effort involved to deploy this model is simply not worth it. So unless your change is very significant, massively complex or company-wide, then this model is probably overkill for you.

Pragmatic Solutions at Work

At BDO Eaton Square, I typically work with CEO’s and C-suite leaders to look coldly, honestly and pragmatically at the scale of the change, the impacted community, the change outcome that is required and the internal resources and effort available to make it happen. From this we will recommend the most appropriate approach to take to Change Management. The reality is, we only execute a tailored methodology for each of our clients. I firmly believe that while it’s right to have our proven ‘off the shelf’ methodology to leverage, it is simply unacceptable not to recognise the nuanced details of each situation that our clients face on each specific change project or programme.

Please feel free to get in touch if you want to talk through your Change Management needs with us.

Shane Stafford

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